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What is is a 3rd party online gambling website for Minecraft and also supports server listings.

Minecraft Casino is working towards creating a platform for players to use their in game currency outside the game in a whole new way.

We will also be providing better tools for adminstrators to create fun and exciting events customized to their needs.

Minecraft Casino is not associated with Mojang.

Couldn't find an answer to your question in this FAQ?

Please contact us with
Twitter or log in to use the contact form on your player or server admin page.


Do I need to be logged in to play?

No, you can simply choose a server and type your In Game Name inside the appropriate box.

What about the In Game Name (IGN) I use to play?

It must be the same as your premium (paid subscription) Minecraft account. If you decide to create a player account, you cannot change the IGN associated with your account.

Can I change the email associated with the account I created?

No, not at the moment.

How do I change the password associated with my account?

Log in, go the the Player Admin panel (under the Account menu) and click "change" in the password box.


How do I add my server?

First, create a server account by clicking
sign up at the top-right of the screen (under the Account menu). Then, click "add" in the server details toolbox at the left. At this point, you can edit/save details of the server using the toolbox "edit" and "save" links.

What about the In Game Name (IGN) I use for my server account?

It must be the same as your premium (paid subscription) Minecraft account. You cannot change the IGN associated with your account.

Can I change the email associated with the account I created?

No, not at the moment.

How do I change the password associated with my account?

Log in, go the Server Admin (or Player Admin) panel (under the Account menu) and click "change" in the password box.

What should I put as my server name in the server details?

Keep it short and simple. All special characters are stripped from the server name.

What should I know about the website address I put in the server details?

This is the link for the banner displayed in the server list. You do not need to put http:// or https:// (if you do put it will automatically be stripped).

Should I use my IP address or my DNS address in the server details?

Both IP address (e.g.: or DNS address ( are both supported.

What is the default Minecraft server port?

25565. You can configure this in the file.

What should I put as my server location in the server details?

The country where your Minecraft server is physically located (not you).

What should I put as the version in the server details?

The version your Minecraft server is currently running. You must log in and manually update the Minecraft version if this ever changes.

What should I put as decription in the server details?

Feel free to write as much details as you want. This description is shown the server list. Do you not use special characters as these are automatically stripped.

What should I use as a banner in the server details?

The native supported banner size is 350x45 but you can use any size as it will automatically be resized. Maximum image size is 100 kB and file format must be jpeg, gif or png.

What should I select as server features and options in the server details?

Use the drop-down boxes to select as many features and options as you server is currently supporting. Feel free to contact us to suggest new features and options to list.

What is the default MineQuery port?

25565. You must set enable-query=true in the file and use the corresponding server-port.

What should I put as payout system in the server details?

Three payout systems are currently supported: RCon (native Minecraft remote control system), Votifier (ubiquitous voting plug-in) and MineTeller (a branch of Votifier plug-in with more options).

We recommend that you use
MineTeller as this is the plug-in with the most options and using this payout system puts your server on top of the Featured Servers list. With MineTeller you can use money (economy required), xp orbs or items as payout and quantities are fully customizable (up to 999,999 units per payout).

Votifier is the second best option but payout can only be a preset multiple (0x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 8x or 10x) of the amount set for Votifier on your server.

RCon is your best choice if you do not want to use plug-ins on your server (Vanilla). For this to work you must set enable-rcon=true in the file. You must also provide the rcon.port and rcon.password set in the file.

What are the default payout system ports?


What are the keys for the different payout systems?

MineTeller and Votifier use a RSA key that you will find in the plug-in configuration file. RCon uses a password that you'll find under rcon.password in the file.

Once you have set the key, press "test" and follow the instructions to validate that the payout system is properly configured for your server.

For safety reasons, key is not shown when editing. If you wish to change it, click "edit", enter the new key in the key box, then click "save". When editing, leaving the key box blank will preserve the current key. If you wish to delete the key from our database, press "edit", then "delete" in the key box, then "save".

What is the payout configuration?

If you are using MineTeller, you have the ability to set every payout individually. Feel free to mix and match the different payouts (nothing, money, xp orbs or items). Be creative as well crafted payout schemes based on the provided odds will differentiate your server's slot from the others.

What is the rank of my server?

There are two ranks: the "featured" rank and the "played" rank. The featured rank is displayed on the left-hand-side of the server list and is currently simply a first-come-first-listed system with MineTeller enabled servers are listed first. The played rank is displayed on the right-hand-side of the server list and pictures the level of participation in your server's slot (this count may be reset in the future).

What are my server's games played?

This is how many times a user has played a slot game with your server selected.

What is the featured spot bid?

In a near the future, we plan to allow people to bid for spots on the featured server list. At the momement, servers with MineTeller payout system enabled are listed first in the Featured Server list.

What are the stars?

This is a gamification system that we are planning to implement in a near future.

How do I link the Minecraft Casino from my server's webpage or forum posts?

You can now use the official Minecraft Casino's banner to link directly to your server's slot. This means the casino will show up with your server already selected and players only have to enter their username (or login) to play. This is a great way to attract players on your server from your webpage or forum posts.

To do so, you must copy/paste either the HTML (webpage) or the BBCode (forum post) at the bottom of the "Server Details" on the "Server Admin" page (must be logged in). It will create a 160x160 banner like this (you can edit the code to change the size):

Why is my server is getting deleted from the list?

Long period of inactivity will result in being purged off the list.
Cheating and or padding will also result in being removed from the list.

Why did my server lose all its plays?

Plays resets will be schedueled and announced publicly before they happen. We currently do not have a timeline for them.

My server is online, but the the website says it's Offline.

We only ping the servers every hour or every time the server information is updated.

Where can i download MineTeller?

You can download it


What are my chances to win when I play the slot machine?

: 55.08%
: 22.07%
: 11.52%
: 6.05%
: 3.13%
: 1.56%
: 0.39%
: 0.20%

How many times can I play per day?

At the moment you are granted 10 tokens per day (reset occurs at midnight eastern time).